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The Community is a dedicated virtual space that comprises an infrastructure to support synchronous (live chat) and asynchronous communication (email, FAQ section). The scope of the Community is to help all those wanting to use the project's outcomes and to be informed about them after the project's lifetime. 

Access to Project Results


With the help of this training manual you can introduce the topics of fake news and disinformation to adults to help them improve their media literacy skills and to be critically engaged with the information.

This web app introduces several activities on the topic of fake news and disinformation. Improve your skills and knowledge with quizzes, texts and videos! 

An online learning environment provides opportunities to enhance your learning experience. It will display real-life interactive scenarios so you can gain further understanding of the concepts of fake news and disinformation.
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Break the Chain is an EU co-founded project under the Erasmus+ programme that aims to help adults (55+ years of age) to identify the impact that fake news and disinformation have on their behaviour and find ways to alternate the situation.
Step 1: Study the learning resouces provided in the Break the Chain Manual.
Step 2: Use the Break the Chain Web App and browse through all available actions.
Step 3: Join the Dynamic Demonstrator and learn about real-life scenarios of the concepts of disinformation and fake news, while ensuring you have acquired the necessary skills.
You can always contact us via the Contact form you can find in the website, or use the live chat button on the botton right of your screen.

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